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Gas and Oil Seepage and Hydrothermal Venting in the Ocean Bottom
— Detection by Fluorescence

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Figure 5: Green Canyon, excitation-emission fluorescence spectra:

Figure 5a: hexane and water extracts of unaltered oil

Figure 5 extra: Dive Site 2893; sample A1 collected at 1768 m (bottom water)

Figure 5b: Dive Site 2893; sample A2 collected at 1668 m

Figure 5c: Dive Site 2893; sample A3 collected at 1568 m

Figure 5d: Dive Site 2893; sample A6 collected at 1068 m

Figure 5e: Dive Site 2896; sample A11 collected at 2690 m (bottom water)

Figure 5f: at Dive Site 2901; sample A47 collected at 1487 m (bottom depth was approx 1504 m)

Figure 5g: typical open ocean mid-water away from seepage site